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Fall Semester

HYSOC Registration is open

HYSOC (Homer Youth Strings Orchestra Club) is ready to start a fabulous music-filled year.

HYSOC is open to all who want to play string instruments! If you have someone in mind that plays strings but would be new to HYSOC, please invite them to join. Make sure they know that it is a requirement of HYSOC that all members are getting private lessons.

Rehersal Dates

Classes will start

Monday, August 21

Tuesday, August 22

All classes run through Thursday, December 12

Rehersal Times

Overture Strings TUESDAYS 4 to 5pm
Scherzos TUESDAYS 6 to 7:15pm
Codas MONDAYS 6:30 to 8pm


$150 YOUTH Overture Strings, Scherzos & Students playing in Codas

$170 ADULTS Codas

Additional family members are discounted at half price.

We do our best to keep costs affordable for all. Financial Aid is available based on need.


HYSOC Youth Classes will be at West Homer Elementary School-music room.

HYSOC Coda students will have class in the sanctuary at Christian Community Church.

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Why Music Education

Our Goals

Master Skills
To teach students to master skills that will enable them to perform music well on their chosen instrument, leading to lifelong enjoyment and personal fulfillment through musi
Decision Making
To teach students to make decisions in situations where there are no standard answers.
To develop students’ understanding of and appreciation for music as a vehicle for creative self-expression and as a key to understanding past and present human experience.
Nonverbal Communication
To teach students to analyze and interpret nonverbal forms of communication and make informed judgments of cultural products and issues.
Respect Others
To teach students to adapt to and respect others’ ways of thinking, working, and expressing themselves.
Problem Solving Skills
To teach students artistic modes of problem solving, which bring analytical and developmental tools to every situation.
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