Welcome to the Violin Family

Welcome to the Violin Family

This is why we do what we do!

This month our kindergarten students at Chapman Elementary, Little Fireweed Academy and Paul Banks Elementary earned their “real” violins. Our students were delighted to celebrate this milestone with their director, teachers, families, volunteers and caregivers. As music educators, our hearts swell when we see our community volunteers come together to make this milestone moment possible.

Over the course of the school year, our kindergarteners learned fundamental skills using their cardboard violins that made it possible for them to transition to the real thing, including resiliency, respect and responsibility.

After holding the “real” violin, a member of our Frescoes at Little Fireweed Academy was overheard saying, “it’s like we are a violin family!”

Yes, we are, and Homer OPUS is ready to support you on the next part of your musical journey. Congratulations!